Treat yourself to our premium CV writing services

  |  Peter Hvass

We first introduced our premium CV writing service in 2017, and, judging by the number of orders placed since then, and glowing client feedback, it has become an increasingly popular service amongst our customers.

The premise was simple – offer our clients access to our founder and chairman, James Innes, as well as his handpicked team of premium CV writers, and allow them to benefit from that unparalleled well of expertise in the field of professional CV writing, career guidance and professional personal branding.

James – a.k.a. The Jobs Guru – literally wrote the book on writing CVs. In fact, he is the author of 5 best-selling career advice books – “The Interview Book”, “The Interview Question & Answer Book”, “The Cover Letter Book”, “Ultimate New Job”, and “The CV Book”. He has appeared in numerous publications giving advice on career management, including The Times, The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Sun and Cosmopolitan, as well as making frequent radio and TV appearances.

By giving clients access to someone widely considered to be one of the world’s leading careers’ experts, they are gaining the advice of somebody who has worked in the field for nearly 20 years, written or read thousands of CVs, and who has the inside track on what works - and what doesn’t, when it comes to planning the next stage in their careers. Not only do they get a personal call/online video consultation with James and a professionally tailored CV, they also get broader advice on career planning, their social media footprint, and useful interview tips and advice.

The service is not only for senior executives. Demand has come from an increasingly diverse client base – ranging from pop stars to diamond merchants and real estate brokers – from all parts of the world – the UK and Ireland, USA and Canada, Australia, continental Europe, the Middle and Far East.

This clearly demonstrates that, whatever your walk of life, profession, country of origin or background, there is always the need for the type of expert career advice that someone like James can provide.

Of course our premium services cost a bit more than our other products and services – but you are paying for the time and expertise of world leaders in this field. However, the return on that investment can be substantial. Just ask some of our clients.

“I used my new CV for a role this week for the first time. One new CV, one interview, one job offer accepted! Not bad?!” – Mr. Tony O, Senior VP Logistics, Hong Kong.

“Updating your CV can be stressful and challenging because you lack the expertise as to what a potential employer is looking for. So what I appreciated most about working with James was his ability to take the outpourings of my mind from my career over the last 20 years and deliver the results – and then some. Even more impressive is that he truly understands his client’s and the market’s needs at the outset and eliminated the need for numerous draft revisions. I am very impressed and highly recommend James” – Mr. Adrian W, IT Service Manager, London.