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James Freeman
At 53 years young, self employed for 25 years, you need a company like this, simply BRILLIANT
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

If you have any anxieties about moving forward, look no further. A pure delight to be involved with from start to finish. Would highly recommend.

All communication was thorough and detailed.
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase
Mario GARA
Tailor-made solutions
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

A finished, quality product that indeniably meets expectations.

A profile picture depicting Dave.
Excellent Service
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

Excellent customer service and interaction

Good job done
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase
Outstanding attention to detail & customer service
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

I really couldn’t fault Claire, she was friendly & efficient throughout and produced an amazing professional tailored CV by listening carefully to the information I provided. Thank you so much!

A profile picture depicting Sally.
Best Senior Writer
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

Wendy has been very patient and provided me with the best guidance and advise. My CV has changed shape with a perfect content, layout and version edits as per my liking and request. With her help I was able to send out 10 applications from which received 3 interviews from which received 2 job offers, all within 1 month. The quality is exceptional and fast turn around times, and I would recommend Wendy and CV Centre to anyone!

A profile picture depicting Henrik Nordmark.
Henrik Nordmark
Clear, relevant, well-articulated writing
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

I had not updated my CV for a number of years and Claire did an excellent job interviewing me first and then articulating in a clear way everything we had discussed and highlighting the most relevant aspects of my experience into a new updated CV / resume.

Brian Lessem
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

Naomi had a great understanding of what I was looking for. Did a great job. Thanks

The best decision!
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

If you are thinking about using this service, don't hesitate. The standard of the senior manager's cv, personal statement and cover letter I received was exceptional. I needed the services in a hurry to make a deadline for the role of my dreams and Claire delivered, going out of her way to make sure I had everything I needed on time. Nothing was too much trouble, Claire was delightful to work with and shared her insight and knowledge into how to make my cv shine. I have no doubt that Claire's work helped me not only get shortlisted for the role...but to get the job! Forever thankful. Highly recommended.

Amazing Team
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

Claire is very professional and she takes care about every tiny detail. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a perfect CV

Piers Corfield
Hugely impressed!
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

If you are anything like me, then writing a CV is a nightmare! Finding a CV author able to pick the bones out of a diverse career like my own is like looking for a needle in a haystack, fortunately I was lucky enough to find one called Claire :) My concise, well laid out and informative CV has been really well received by the executive search professionals with whom I have shared the document, so I am delighted.

Friendly and clear
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

Claire was very helpful in the opening call and patience to get the information right in the different exchanges.

Timely, and great end product
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

Claire did an amazing job at writing my CV. It was most helpful have the 30 min call with Claire and discuss my requirements. In addition, to know that Claire had been in recruitment for 20 years and knew exactly what recruiters were looking for. We nailed the CV as a collaboration on our 2nd attempt. The whole process became very easy with this CV writer!

Deeply impressed and it made a difference to my job search
Reviewed on | Premium CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

I have worked in the past with a different reputable firm to get my CV in shape. So, I already had reference on the experience and the output. However, when I received the first draft, I was left speechless. It was simply on a different level and I could simply in my best day (and with all the time), could have not achieved such quality.

In addition, I absolutely loved working with Rebecca and I have great respect for her inputs and/or advice. I am very grateful for the experience and the results.

I will work again in the future with them.

This is maybe the first time I understand what it is that you do
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

It was a very professional and fascinating experience. Though I've worked for many years in senior finance positions, reviewed resumes and brought in people based on their personal letters and etc, for some reason I could not make my own resume look interesting (even to myself). They helped me understand how they bring out the best of a position and making it clear - the designs of the resumes are great - and they would mold together a profile based on your old resume, your reference letters and job postings that you are interested in.

My wife, who helped me review these drafts said; this is maybe the first time I understand what it is that you do.

Thanks CVCenter and Claire - it was a fun and educational experience.

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Richard W-J
Very helpful and professional service. Excellent value for money
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase
Katherine B
Great service and a sound investment
Reviewed on | Premium CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

provides objectivity and help to structure CV, recognise achievement and summarise key skills that set you apart. The end product is an up to date, informative and visually appealing CV.

Chawa Faith Muverengwi
Transferable high level skills
Reviewed on | Premium CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

I used James Innes CV Centre for their premium CV/Resume service. Let me just say i should have done that sooner . It is not just about fresh pair of eyes immediately seeing things that one does not realise about themselves. I just discovered how i was selling myself short all these years, thinking small and going for small stuff. I am now holding a concrete, bold high level executive summary of my over 27 years work experience, thanks to Zeth.

He has been very patient as I forwarded several jobs that i wish to apply for . The feedback and comments during our exchanges were very empowering in terms to deepening understanding of myself and what i have achieved through my career. Zeth told me what i had not grasped for myself about myself- what drives and motivates me has not changed from since i left sensational journalism for development work. i am so grateful and happy -the service is fantastic and excellent value for money.

This is a terrific service - highly recommend it!
Reviewed on | Premium CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

CV Writer was so easy to work with, captured the essence of each of my roles and created perfect two page summary

CV and letter
Reviewed on | Premium CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

Claire is a amazing writer and she was able to distil my work experiences of 2 pages concise and succinctly. She listens attentively and rework my profile and CV and I was impressed of the cover letter. I am very happy about the finish CV, cover letter, and linkedin profile and wholeheartedIy recommend Claire.

Nazia Hussain

CV writing is not one of my top skills....
Reviewed on | Premium CV Writing |Verified Purchase

I brought my draft CV to the CV Centre....I thought it was OK/pretty good in fact....but - from the first draft I received, it was clear that professional CV writers are way better than me.

Les Torrance
Amazing Service
Reviewed on | Premium CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

The service which Rebecca provided has helped me in getting a succinct, professional CV. Having never been unemployed and therefore not having to really give much thought to my CV, Rebecca was amazing at getting the content summarised in a way that I would have been unlikely to have achieved, and certainly in a very short period of time. I would happily recommend this service.

Chris D
Completed ready for my deadline
Reviewed on | Premium CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

I was not at all sure whether having a professional CV was a waste of money but I am very please with the finished version. Steph did an excellent done at getting the CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile completed ready for my approaching deadline.