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Customer Review

Disappointed with the service!
Reviewed on | Senior CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

I was very disappointed with the service and I do not recommend using this company.

When I first got the initial review call the lady ensured me the CV will be at a high standard and completed on time and someone will be assigned to help me with my CV within 24 hours.

The first person who was assigned was then unable to complete my CV so another person was assigned.

The drafts sent to me I wasn't happy with and I saw mistakes on my CV and felt the quality of the CV was very poor especially for a senior consultant

The person also assigned also worked at night so by the time I got their feedback in the morning that person was no longer online to make my changes during the day. My deadline was also approaching and I felt stressed because my CV still wasnt completed.

At the end of it I got fed up and got my cv proof read by someone else (external)

A complete waste of £165!! Not worth it and do not recommend the service at all.

Katy- Chief People Officer
Our initial CV review call took place on 12th August, and we gave you a very special offer which included £100 of free services. You placed your order that day, and a writer was very quickly assigned but due to unforeseen circumstances, that original writer had to withdraw from the order on 16th August. However, a new writer was assigned on 17th August and between then and the 20th August, four drafts were prepared for you. On the 19th August you sent a message confirming that "Its looking really good - only few minor changes to make now" which Blake did. It goes without saying that, had we been aware of any remaining concerns, we would have acted on those as quickly as possible. I do realise that there was an issue with Blake not always being online at the same time as you, but within the space of 48 hours he was able to provide you with 4 drafts so even taking that difference into account, the work was completed very swiftly, and ahead of the 21st August deadline. We would be more than happy to revisit the CV for you if you have any outstanding concerns, so do please get in touch directly.