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Fast and Neat
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

Job well done! The turn around was very fast and notes were applied perfectly

Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

My writer James incorporated everything I had asked for and produced the first draft very quickly, which I accepted as there was nothing left out and no changes I wanted made. The CV is very well presented, easy to read and over all more professional than one I could have produced myself. I am very happy with the experience and the result is better than expected. I'm feeling a lot more optimistic going forward in my job search.

Really a trustworthy service
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

I'm fully satisfied with the CV they provided for me. Their responses are always professional within a short time.

layout of the cv was poor and the writers have no industry experience
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

I used this service to make my current cv even better. Instead it looked the same and the structure was poor and the writing was overpopulated. I wanted a clear, concise and easy to understand cv but James didn’t deliver to my expectation. I am waiting for a full refund as per their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Yalda Siddiqui
Very Professional and Amazing service
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

I'd like to thank James who did an amazing job at creating a CV for me that met all of my criteria to the best standard. He was very professional and the process was efficient. I would definitely use this service again.

James was great
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

James was great, really helpful with my cv providing a quality and great insight to what my cv would be. final statement came out great.

A profile picture depicting Jason Aldiss.
Jason Aldiss
Incredibly fast, professional and the results speak for themselves
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

I never usually write reviews for services but I'm blow out of the water with what I received here. Got exactly the CV I was looking for thanks to James, it looked like extremely professional and complete and with in a few days after updating my CV on job seeking websites I had the job!

Responsive and Adaptive
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

I really appreciated the work that was done for me. They were very responsive to me and my needs and adapted to what I asked with little issue. It was well worth the fee.

Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase
Reviewed on | CV Up To 1 Year |Verified Purchase

Really happy with my cv, helped with my application for my masters course. Will use again.

Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

I am genuinely disappointed in the service. I decided to pay for it thinking i would be able to get a great cv that didn't sound like waffle or your typical clichés. Well that's exactly what I got! I even provided feedback to that effect giving specific examples of what part really didn't sound like me... proven track record in supporting notable customer objectives? That I love market research.... this is clearly a copy and paste job rather than taking the time to get to know the person it is being written about

some of the parts of the cv were even labelled wrong... competencies rather than skills...

in the work section achievements rather than main responsibilities. I am overall really disappointed and ended up re writing it myself! I am clearly a student and paying that amount is a lot of money and really think I have wasted my money and time.

Very efficient and prompt CV-writing
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

The agent is super helpful, and stuck to their deadline and provided the revised drafts very shortly after being requested. It's been such a pleasure and I will recommend this site to others. The CV that has been written is to a very high standard.

Excellent concise CV
Reviewed on | First Step CV |Verified Purchase

I am pleased with the CV grammar, layout, and language, it is concise and straight to the point.

A profile picture depicting J.
Very well written CV
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

Extremely well written, even know the writers aren't experts within 3D they were able to formulate an expertly crafted CV with the information I provided, instantly receiving interviews and got my dream job starting off my career :) Many thanks CVCentre

Amazing fast service
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

It was a swift and convenient service. My CV, Cover letter, and LinkedIn profile were perfect!

use advise
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

Very quick responds.

Very basic design, doesn't reflect me as a personality, Maybe is very professional written but feel like number rather than individual. I hope my employs will think the same as CV centre.

A profile picture depicting null.
Peter- Chief Executive Officer
Hi Egle! We have a wide array of template options that have all been developed in-house over the years to maximize ATS parsability. One of them allows selection of a custom cover image and might afford for more of a personalized aesthetic.

That being said may of our more creative clients opt to take the text we have written and apply it to a template they create for themselves using InDesign or similar. We can also provide this service as an addon upon request if you would prefer a more bespoke and creative look/feel.

I am very sorry that you felt like a number - that is not our intention at all. We aim for deep and personalised interaction with every single client we work with across a series of drafts until you feel satisfied with the work that was done. The more you open up to us with your feedback and information about your goals and things you feel passionately about in your career the easier it is for us to capture your voice.

Please do stay in touch and let us know how you get on with your new CV - we're eager to hear how applications go for you and are here to provide support and further assistance any time you might need it!
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

Great service.

Excellent customer Service
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

Agent was quick and efficient