Freelance Writer & Editor

  | James Innes

The Job will require fulfilling online orders for our clients following this simple process;

* Log in to our writer system.
* Take on an order from one of our order queues.
* Communicate with the client, produce document drafts and work through feedback until the client is satisfied.
* After a period of inactivity or upon direct approval by the client or our team the order will be added to your invoice for payment on a monthly basis.
* Your first documents & comments to clients will be reviewed by our quality team before they become visible regardless of past experience.

We train you on the job with direct feedback as well as documents and examples - once we are sure you are up to speed we will remove training mode and you could easily be handling tens of orders a month.

You will be required to:
* Communicate with clients who have placed an order online.
* Capture their requirements
* Be professional & polite mannered
* Communicate with office staff
* Responding for express or otherwise urgent orders
* Respond to feedback from our quality team
* Preparing Documents for Clients
* Preparing a series of drafts accounting for client & quality team feedback.
* Our clients order a variety of products/services - no two orders are identical.
* Preparing attractively laid out cover letters and CVs.
* Filling in LinkedIn Profiles and application forms.
* We also offer proofreading, services for university students, translations and interview coaching.

Requirements - Desired Skills and Experience
* English as a first language.
* Keen computer skills - particularly in the use of web site forms, chat programs, file uploads, document editing/saving and conversions. Should also be able to compress/decompress (zip) files.
* Relevant past experience is required (i.e.: any sort of writing, careers coaching).

* Competitive Rates
* Comprehensive In-House Training & Development
* Ongoing Support From Writer Management Team

You can apply via our site:

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