5 Top Tips to make your CV stand out - No. 1 (Maximise readability)

  | James Innes

A few days ago we briefly went over the top 5 top tips to make your CV stand out.

In this post we will be looking at the first on the list: Maximize readability, and covering it in more detail - because these really are the most important issues for you to consider when it comes to your own CV.

It is vitally important for your CV to be easy for the reader to scan quickly and, to this end, clear section headings and separation of sections is essential.

We often recommend the use of lines or other graphic devices in this respect, although there are other ways of achieving a clear separation.

It's also extremely important to choose an appropriate order for the various sections of your CV.  For example, the decision whether to put your qualifications before or after your experience is critical.

Avoid long paragraphs; use bullet pointing.  Too many people fail to use bullet pointing to their advantage within their CV. We recommend this very highly as a technique for breaking up the information and enhancing readability.

Long paragraphs of prose are tiresome for a recruiter to read right through and, as a result, many simply won't bother.

I hope the above was informative and stay tuned for part 2: Include a professional profile and objective.

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