Copyediting Services

Professional Copyeditors

Our writers are excellent at manipulating any sort of text or manuscript you might need edited to perfection; beyond a proofread we will also make any necessary amendments to ensure your copy is immaculate.

Available for Any Document, Text or Format

Whether it's an application form, personal statement, thesis or novel manuscript our writers can help perfect down to the finest detail. We can also proofread your academic essays or assignments to ensure the quality and depth of your work isn't held back by basic mistakes.

How Does It Work?

Simply place an order for our copyediting service according to the number of words you need worked on. Upload your documents and you will be placed in our queue to be paired with a proofreader. Once assigned they will reach out to make any clarifications and get to work! We'll provide as many revisions as you require until you are fully satisfied (or 14 days of inactivity elapse).

How Long Does It Take?

It depends on the amount of text you need to have us copyedit but, according to the last 14 days of data, we are currently able to assign a proofreader within 5 days and return a first draft within 5 days. If you need your text turned around quicker then do have a look at our express options at checkout (can be assigned & completed in as little as 6 hours).