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What has been your greatest achievement/accomplishment?

Alternative and related questions:

What are your biggest achievements?
What are you most proud of?
What was your biggest achievement in your current/last job?
What has been the high point of your career so far?

The meaning behind the question:

Unless they qualify the question by specifically mentioning, for example, your last job, it is important to remember that the interviewer isn’t necessarily looking for a work-related achievement. They are looking for evidence of achievement full stop. However, a work-related achievement is normally what they’ll be expecting.

Your answer:

You’ll want to make sure you have thought through this question carefully before the interview and have selected both a key professional achievement as well as a key personal achievement; cover both bases.

Try not to go too far back; try to pick a recent achievement. If you’ve included an ‘Achievements’ section in your CV (which I would recommend you do) then this will be a good starting point for you to generate ideas.

Describe clearly to the interviewer:

  • What it is that you achieved
  • What the background and circumstances were
  • What impact it had on your career/life

What was the benefit? Try to phrase this in such a way for it to be self-evident that this would also be a benefit to any prospective employer.


My greatest achievement so far in my career would probably be winning the Manager of the Year award last year. I made numerous operational changes at my branch, including a massive reduction in stock levels - which significantly boosted our working capital. I also drove up sales levels, especially by increasing the uptake of after-sales insurance packages. The net effect was that we smashed the previous branch sales record by an impressive 37% - and profits rose in line with this. This directly resulted in my promotion to the management of the flagship Edinburgh branch.

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