Social Scrub

Have you ever given much thought to how much of your past can be revealed using a quick Google search?

What does your social media profile say about you?

Recruiters are looking at your online presence.

This isn't limited to just your LinkedIn profile; your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are all scrutinised by prospective employers the second you send in your CV. Your email address and name will be pasted into search engines and everything you have ever put on the internet will be right in front of them.

It would be a shame if you lost the job because of that drunk photo you took during your holidays. Or that controversial post you made on a forum 5 years ago.

Let us help you shape your social media image!

Our online privacy experts offer their professional view on your social profiles and search engine results providing you with a full report containing all their findings and recommendations on how to increase the privacy of your personal content and polish everything else in order to impress.

Social Scrub