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CV Writing Service

We will provide you with a professionally written CV.

The secret of our CV writing service lies in knowing precisely what to put in, precisely what not to put in, and exactly what kind of a spin to put on your CV, to ensure yours will stand right out from the crowd - to give you the very best possible chance of getting the job you want.  The advantages of having a cleverly written and powerfully-presented CV are obvious.  As the UK's most popular CV writing service, The CV Centre® is here to help you.

Once we receive your order, it will be assigned to a professional, highly experienced CV writer, skilled in your industry, sector or discipline. They will then prepare a draft version of your new CV, before contacting you if necessary to clarify any minor points or to build up on any weaker areas. Just to get it absolutely right before we send the draft out for your approval.  And of course you’re more than welcome to request any changes at that stage.

Our Guarantees

Of course, under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, if you're not 100% happy with your draft CV, we will revise it until you are. Simple as that. Customer service is our top priority - always has been and always will be.  But we generally get it right first time. 

And we do of course offer a full 100% Money-Back Guarantee as well. The last thing we want is an unhappy customer.

You may also wish to read our testimonials page to see what other delighted clients have to say about our CV writing service.

Other Services

In addition to our CV Writing service, we offer a range of related services:

Options when ordering our CV Writing service include:

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Is LinkedIn creating valuable job opportunities for you? Well, it certainly should be. When recruiters search LinkedIn looking for candidates in your line of work then you want them to find you - and then choose you.

Having a professionally written profile makes this much, much more likely, dramatically increasing your chances of getting the job you want - the job you deserve.

A LinkedIn profile is different from a CV or resume but just as important.

It's crucial to get the balance right on a LinkedIn profile by using the right keywords and being professional while still showing your personality.

The advantage of using our LinkedIn writing service is that we know exactly what to put in, what not to put in and what angle to put on your LinkedIn profile to ensure you'll get found ahead of your competition.

We’ll give your LinkedIn profile the complete overhaul. We will:

  • Research and provide search engine optimised keywords so that recruiting managers can easily find you
  • Completely re-write your profile in the first person narrative
  • Write a profile that shows your professional personality and makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Provide an enticing summary that captures who you are, what you are doing and what you want from your career
  • Eliminate all spelling and grammar mistakes from your profile
  • Make sure your profile has calls to action so that you get contacted

Interview Coaching

We offer a telephone-based interview coaching service to help give you that winning edge.  (And, for no extra charge, we can also work by webcam if you prefer.)

In our interview coaching sessions we can show you how to develop a winning strategy – planning and preparing for every eventuality and learning how to handle every possible kind of interview, from a brief chat over the telephone through to a trip to an assessment centre.

Your interview coach can take you through plenty of real interview questions and make sure you know how to avoid cliché and really make an impact when handling both the classic questions – and the really tough ones that interviewers can throw at you.

And we can take you beyond the interview to discuss what you need to do to close the deal to your advantage.

You'll find our interview coaching useful whether you are trying to land your first job, returning to the workplace after a career break or simply looking to take another step up the career ladder.

Our interview coaching service is also supported by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Free CV Review

Send in a copy of your CV to The CV Centre® and one of our professional CV writers will assess it and email you with their suggestions as to how it could be improved to ensure it is viewed more positively by a prospective employer.

One of our CV writers will look carefully at a wide range of important criteria, from common mistakes to content and presentation and deliver a review indicating exactly what can be improved - and where.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are, according to a recent survey, seen by almost 50% of recruiters as being as important as the CV itself, although most people unfortunately spend the least amount of time on them.  When someone has hundreds of CVs to shortlist from, cover letters set the tone of an application, and should inspire the reader to turn over enthusiastically and read the enclosed CV. Take advantage of our cover letter service and maximise your chances of getting through to the interview stage from only £8.50. All of our cover letters are written and printed in the same style as your CV, ensuring a fully co-ordinated image.

We offer two principal types of cover letter as well as a '5-Letter Pack' which contains both principal types as well as three other very useful job-hunting letters.

Standard Speculative Cover Letters:
If you are planning to make a number of speculative applications, we will design a dynamic cover letter directed towards the line of work you are interested in.

Advertisement Response Cover Letters:
With advertisement response letters, if you can provide us with a copy (or just the text of) a job advertisement (or job description), we will compile a strong, positive reply, carefully tailored to the position involved.

5-Letter Pack:
Includes all of the following:

  • Standard speculative letter
  • Advertisement response letter
  • Application follow-up letter
  • Thank you for interview letter
  • Resignation letter

Delivery Format

Your CV on a USB Memory Stick

A copy of your CV on USB Memory Stick (£17.00) can be very useful, providing you with a durable, long-term – printable and editable – copy of your CV.

In addition to your CV, any cover letters you order will also be put on the same USB Memory Stick at no extra charge.

Job Application Forms

Completing application forms, whether on paper or online, can be a demanding process. Let us put in the necessary time and effort for you. Simply provide us with a copy of a printed form or let us know where it is located online and we will tell you exactly what you should write, ensuring that your application will stand right out from the rest.

Careers Books

The Interview Book

You've impressed them on paper; now it's time to make a winning impact face-to-face.

There are a lot of ambitious, confident candidates out there, all with the experience and qualifications you have – and perhaps more – what are you going to do to make them choose you?

Far from simply showing up and 'being yourself', you need to plan, prepare and, most importantly, know what to expect. The Interview Book, based on years of coaching candidates to excel at interview, reveals the secrets behind interview success. You’ll find out:

  • How to prepare and plan for any interview
  • The 15 most common interview mistakes – and how to avoid them
  • Lots of practice questions and answers – plus the top ten questions interviewers ask
  • How to follow up and get the best deal

And much more…

No matter what your age, background, job or level of experience, this No. 1 best-seller will help you master the perfect interview technique.

The Interview Question & Answer Book

Take the fear out of your interview and never be stuck for the right answer to even the toughest questions with The Interview Question & Answer Book.

The job market is fierce, competition has never been greater and it's important that you can grab every opportunity for competitive advantage and stay one step ahead. Written by one of the world's leading careers experts and bestselling author of The Interview Book, this definitive guide to questions and answers encourages every job-hunter to think on your feet and express your individuality while supplying ideal responses to interview questions so that you’re seen as the ideal candidate for the job.

Ultimate New Job

How long do you stay in each job? Two years? Ten? Millions of us change roles on average every three years. A nation of job-hoppers, every promotion or change presents the same set of issues and worries and, however prepared you think you are, there’s no getting away from those first day nerves. Ultimate New Job will prepare you for the toughest few months of your life, when fitting in is everything and first impressions count.

Covering every aspect of starting a new job, it tackles the top 15 questions that people ask when starting a new position, from handling the offer and resigning from your current post, to researching the organisation, networking, key skills and finding your place within the team. With realistic and practical advice, Ultimate New Job tackles all of your concerns head on, making your first weeks and months as smooth a transition as possible - for you, and your new employer.

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*Kindle editions available for immediate download

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Optional Express Delivery Services

While we aim to turn round orders within an average of 48 hours from when we receive them, for clients who require more urgent attention we do also offer guaranteed express delivery services - the '24-Hour' and the '6-Hour':

24-Hour Delivery

Draft should be ready within 24 hours

6-Hour Delivery

Draft should be ready within 6 hours

CV Delivery Methods

Delivery by email (of both drafts and completed orders) is free of charge and all part of the service at The CV Centre®.

Email delivery covers the release of your CV (and any other documents you have ordered) in fully editable Microsoft Word format - so that you can print, update, modify, etc. as you require.

Many of our competitors charge for this service as a 'hidden extra' but we endeavour to make our fees as clear and simple as possible and to have no hidden costs.

Items which can't be sent by email, e.g. USB Memory Sticks, are sent by post. Delivery is also free for all orders and all items are carefully packaged in hard-backed envelopes to ensure they arrive undamaged.

How To Order

A CV is often all a prospective employer has to judge you on, so creating a powerful first impression is absolutely vital. Whether you've set your sights on changing companies, winning promotion, or simply regaining employment, with our evident expertise in this field we are confident that our assistance will maximise your chances of getting the job you deserve.

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