Security Guarantee

Full Refund Guarantee

Not one of our customers has ever reported fraudulent use of a credit or debit card as a result of purchases made with us. We are so confident about the transaction security we offer on our web sites that we back every purchase with a security guarantee: if your bank or card issuer holds you liable, we will give you a full refund, provided that the unauthorised use of your credit or debit card resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made while using our secure server.

Secure Transactions

The CV Centre® uses Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer (EV SSL) security within its online order systems - widely acknowledged as the best available system for secure e-commerce trading - because we know that our clients want and need assurance that their personal information will be 100% safe. When a website uses EV SSL and  you enter their order system, the address bar will immediately show a green background or text, showing you that it's safe to proceed with your transaction.

It's difficult for an organisation to attain this special type of certificate - it involves the most rigorous validation of both the website and the organisation - and so it's virtually impossible to spoof. EV proves that a site is safe - that the business is trustworthy - and that you couldn't be safer placing your order because your data is encrypted and secure. To put it simply, beware of placing orders on websites which don't have EV. Before you provide sensitive and confidential data, you want proof that the website can be trusted and that your information will be encrypted and protected.

From time to time a notice may appear on your screen alerting you to the fact that you are moving from a secure server to one which is not secure. Do not be alarmed by this. Only in the secure part will we take personal or card details from you.

Secure Payments

You can choose to have your secure online payment handled either by Sage Pay or PayPal.

Sage Pay process millions of secure payments each month for over 40,000 businesses. They use state of the art security tools and techniques, both proprietary and unique, to ensure that you are protected against what is nowadays a virtually non-existent risk. Sage Pay’s systems also have inbuilt system redundancy and fault tolerance, to provide a virtually uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Every transaction is encrypted to the highest global standards and all sensitive data is secured beyond the levels demanded by the payments authorities and card schemes.  Sage Pay has multiple private links  into the banking network which  are regularly monitored and all  data is safeguarded by their twin  data centres and state of the art  disaster recover.

Your credit card details will only be retained by Sage Pay and our acquiring bank. Sage Pay processes your payment and arranges with the supplier for your goods or services to be dispatched. Only in the case of a suspected fraudulent transaction may card details be disclosed to us and only then for the sole purpose of performing further checks. We are not permitted to retain these details.

PayPal allows anyone with an email address to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively make payments online. You can pay using your credit card, debit card, or bank account. PayPal sends the money to us but never shares your financial information with us.

Once processed, your payment will be received by The CV Centre Limited, Baarerstrasse 14, Zug 6300, Switzerland.

Security Procedures

We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, in order to prevent unauthorised access. Our security procedures mean that we have to verify your identity before we are able to disclose sensitive information to you. Thank you for your co-operation.