Ch. 11: Being specific – targeting a job and employer

In this chapter you will:

• identify which skills and competencies are important for the role you want

• learn how to win over people and automated scanners

• understand the role of research in effective targeting

The role

Once you’ve got a handle on the industry or sector you’re hoping to work in, and have structured your CV accordingly, you must tailor it to the specific role that you are after.
To do this successfully, you first need to know which skills and competencies are essential to be able to do this job well (at least in the employer’s eyes, which may or may not always reflect reality), and which other skills may also be beneficial. This can be straightforward or may need some additional research on your part.

Skills and competencies


This makes it easy: the job advert lays out a concise list of the key competencies and experience that a company is looking for in an ideal applicant. The priorities – whether a particular skill is essential or just nice to have – are usually made clear.

It cannot be stressed enough how crucial it is to read a job advert carefully. Writing down two lists as you read through it, one for the requirements considered essential, the other for the nice-to-haves, can help you focus on what’s important. This is purely the company’s wish list: don’t be put off if you don’t meet every single requirement 100 per cent, as many other candidates probably won’t be able to either. However, realistically you should meet at least 75 per cent of the essential requirements and have other skills you can ‘sell’ in order to be considered seriously. If you meet less than 75 per cent of the criteria, your chances of getting an interview – particularly in a job-scarce climate – could be slight. It's up to you whether you spend the time and money applying anyway, or focus on those job specifications that you meet more closely.

When assessing how well you meet the requirements of a job and what else you could offer, try comparing similar job adverts from other companies: ones for distant locations or other industries.

There will be much overlap, but every now and again you may see a skill mentioned that you hadn’t thought of; one you could sell as a benefit to this employer.

Examples of adverts for sales roles on one date

Weighing solutions: Formal sales training, AM experience, a technical background. Self-organization, attention to detail, target-driven, tenacious, resilient. Computer literate. Full UK driving licence.

Medical equipment: Proven sales track record, confident communicator and presenter. Commercially astute, comfortable discussing finance and capex budgets at director level.
A will to win, real drive, ambition, tenacious, organized, able to prioritize. Team player also able to work autonomously, personal charisma, a real ‘people person’.

Facilities Management: Proven sales track record ...

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