Ch. 1: How this book can help you

In this chapter you will:

• understand the benefits of writing your own CV

• get started straight away

• decide where in the book to begin

There are few guarantees in life, and employment is certainly not one of them. Despite hard work and careful choices, jobs can come and go quite unexpectedly. The perfect opportunity that slipped by because you weren’t quite ready for it; the too-good-to-be-true job offer that lived up to its name; that brilliant role ruined by a domineering manager with whom you simply couldn’t get along; the seemingly secure job for life that disappeared just when you needed it most; the small gap in your employment that quickly expanded into a chasm. Whether you welcome it or fear it, job searching is a part of almost everyone’s life – now more than ever.

Competition for jobs

There is one thing you can guarantee when it comes to a job search: competition.

Most of us have had to fight to get the jobs we need and want; this was happening even before the catastrophic impact of the 2008 events on the global economy. If the company you work for goes under, it’s not just you being left without a job. Tens or even hundreds of your co-workers will be in the same position. That raises the stakes: you’re all chasing the same job opportunities at the same time.

Once the economy has started to stabilize, competition for jobs will probably keep rising because companies will remain very cautious about whom they take on. Before the crash it wasn’t uncommon to have 100 or more applicants chasing one vacancy – and that’s not just the high flyers.

However much or little experience you have, it’s getting harder for anyone to reach interview stage. Repeatedly being refused interviews, often with little or no explanation, can undermine anyone’s self-confidence. If you were feeling a little shaky to start with, this can quickly become a problem. Before long you find yourself sending out applications that you don’t really believe are going to get you anywhere. Once this happens, it’s often clear to the person reading your application that you’ve given up. Unless you work for an anti-smoking charity, quitting is not a desirable quality in an employee.

What is a CV?

The one tool that everyone needs in a job search is a great CV, or Curriculum Vitae, which literally means ‘the course of one's life’.

Ignore the Latin roots: a CV is simply a brief written summary about you. It tells prospective employers three things:

  • what you can do for their business
  • why they should interview you for this job
  • How to get in touch with you to arrange it...

The extract above has been taken from 'Get That Job With the Right CV'
Copyright © 2010 Julie Gray

Get That Job With the Right CV

From Julie Gray, Senior Consultant at The CV Centre®, Get that Job with the Right CV will help to teach you how to write the best possible CV to land that perfect job.

It covers everything from layout and format, through to perfecting a jargon-free writing style, avoiding common pitfalls and tailoring your CV to different jobs.  Julie’s in-depth professional advice and friendly style will guide you through every step of the CV writing process with humour and practicality and give you real confidence to effectively showcase your skills to employers.

As a professional CV writer at The CV Centre®, Julie sees every single day which CVs really achieve results.  This puts her in an excellent position to help you to create a truly exceptional CV of your own.