Stand Out From the Crowd on LinkedIn

  | James Innes

How to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn 

Show your worth. Join groups and answer questions that you are an expert on and start standing out.

This will give you green stars on your profile. These stars are great for your personal brand as they show off how much of an expert you are in certain subjects. 

Contribute to groups with as much value as possible and think about starting your own group. It's a great way to add value to LinkedIn.

You don't need to get green stars to add value to a group. Connect with others, see what they are up to and try to be of service. 

Identify and connect with hiring managers

What is your target market? Identify who could recruit you.
Who can make that decision?

You first need to know what companies you want to work for. Then you need to find out who is hiring at the company, what is their title:

  •  HR Manager?  
  •  Senior Recruiter? 
  •  Hiring Manager?

Now, check what groups they or their close connections are active in.

Who has influence on that person? Perhaps it is the founder of the company if they are an SME. 

The goal is then to position yourself and persuade the hiring manager to hire you. Do not try adding them before offering them some value. 

Remember! You must have a perfect profile before connecting with people you want to work for. 

The best way to connect is to find out what keeps them up at night.
What is going on in the industry that you could help with?

With groups you can do this. The default setting on LinkedIn is that if you join a group, you allow other members of that group to contact you. If you can interact with the person and find out more about the individual before contacting them. 

Also in groups, you'll find job postings relevant to that group.

We don't believe in a set email to send to hiring managers when you first contact them. Check out their profile and see if they recommend a way to contact them and remember to be personal. 

The main priority when sending that initial message is not to be too pushy. Tell them that you have been researching the company and your passion for the industry. Try and show that you are a motivated individual and that you are looking at the potential of working for the company. 

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