Create The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

  | James Innes

There are millions and millions of people on LinkedIn. Astonishingly, only a very small percentage of people fully harness the power of LinkedIn. 

This is perhaps due to a knowledge gap. LinkedIn is by far the most powerful online tool for showing your skills, getting recommended, researching potential employers and connecting with hiring managers. 

You cannot underestimate the power of LinkedIn and how much quicker it could be to get a job and enhance your career.

Your picture...

Get a professional photo. You need to show a smiling face. You can get away with a photo taken by a friend, but it can't be on a night out! Get second and third opinions on your picture to see if it projects the right image. 

Your Professional Headline...

This is very important indeed! It's a snapshot of who you are, what motivates you and what you are looking for. 

The headline should also include your unique talent and be very specific to you. Use the "|" symbol on your keyboard to separate different parts of your headline. 

i.e. Digital Marketing Expert | Recent Graduate seeking work at a start-up company | Social Media Evangelist | Open Networker

Change your headline every few weeks to keep it fresh and remember to pack it with your keywords!

Your Summary...

This is just as important as your headline, if not more so. A LinkedIn summary is not the same as a CV summary. The summary should encapsulate the following: 

   - Who you really are and your passions
   - Your top career achievements
   - Goals you would like to achieve
   - A re-iteration of what you are currently looking for
   - Explain what you could add to a company
   - Explain how and why people should engage with you. 

The final point is something that many people miss. What is the best way to contact you? Via a contact form on your website? By adding you as a friend on LinkedIn and explaining who they are? Leaving your phone number would leave you open to getting spammed by recruitment consultants.

Therefore, we suggest making yourself easy to contact online, give viewers of your profile a 'call to action'. 

We suggest writing your profile in under 150 words. 

Try to write in first person but without pronouns (I, we, they) etc. 

In the specialities section, you are able to highlight the skills that you excel in. 


This can be similar to your CV (you can even upload your CV with the option on the right of the screen). Be sure to make it readable by putting in bullet points.

Linking to your website or blog

A quick tip is to go into the options on links and select "other".
You'll then be able to manually type the name of the website you are promoting. 

Add applications...

By adding the Amazon application you can show what books you are currently reading. This shows to employers more about your personality, which is fantastic. Be sure to have read the books, as you may get questioned on them at interview. 

If you have a blog, then remember to add that so that it feeds through snippets of it to your profile. This is excellent for adding more personality and driving traffic to your blog. 

There is even a Slideshare application where you can show off your work or even add a Youtube video. 

Get Recommended...

Give and you will receive. Social media is based on developing relationships.

Relationships are built on giving and receiving and online it is no different. 

To break through and make sure you stand out from everyone else out there, building relationships is the only way to get noticed. 

Send out at least one recommendation a week. Friends, colleagues, ex colleagues, whomever you know. Sing their praises, find the good in everyone. Don't presume or ask to get a recommendation back, you'll start getting them regardless. 

Show your worth. Go to groups and answer questions on that you are expert on.

This will give you green stars on your profile. These stars are great for your personal brand as they show off your expertise in certain subjects.

Contribute to groups with as much value as possible...

You don't need to get green stars to add value to a group. Connect with others, see what they are up to and try to be of service. 

LinkedIn groups to join as a job seeker:

- A job needed, a job posted
- LinkedIn:HR
- Career change central - if you're looking for a career change
- Corporate recruiters
- Job openings, job leads and job connections
- CareerLink Network
- Jobs alert

Don't stop with these groups though; remember to join groups of people you want to connect with. 

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