Marketing Executives

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A Career as a Marketing Executive


The role of a Marketing Executive is to establish a strong relationship between their client’s products or services and the market place that they are targeting with the ultimate objective of enhancing the profile of the brand and encouraging customer loyalty.  They will conduct detailed analysis of competitor and market activities and develop marketing strategies that are aimed at achieving optimum brand positioning and effective pricing.  A marketing campaign will generally involve the use of a wide range of promotional or advertising techniques, including mailshots and press releases, with new ideas generated to ensure that the product or service reaches the largest possible audience.

A Marketing Executive is responsible for managing close relationships with their clients to ensure that they have a full understanding of their brand and its future direction.  They may be required to work extra hours in the run up to a campaign launch and travel may be involved in order to participate in exhibitions and product launches.

Entry requirements

Excellent communication skills are essential for a role in marketing as networking is a fundamental part of the job.  Marketing Executives need to be creative with an ability to generate new ideas and initiatives while possessing strong analytical skills to ensure the accurate interpretation of competitor and market activities.

In general, entry into the marketing sector requires a good standard of education up to HND or degree level.  Preferable subjects to study are Marketing, Business or Economics.  However, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) also offers professionally accredited qualifications for non-graduates with the Introductory Certificate in Marketing being the first step before other diploma and certificate courses are completed.  Additionally, the Communication, Advertising and Marketing Foundation (CAM) offers the Diploma in Marketing Communications, again approved by the CIM. 

Progression opportunities

Marketing Executives can be employed in the consumer, service and public sectors with opportunities available within manufacturing and retail organisations among others.  Progression within the industry can lead to roles as Marketing Manager or Marketing Director involving greater responsibility for managing product launches, developing brand images, and planning and implementing full marketing plans.  There are many companies in the UK that sell their products and services overseas so fluency in a foreign language is essential for those wishing to progress into an export marketing role.  Additionally, many Marketing Executives chose to establish their own consultancy or simply offer their services on a freelance basis.

Due to the wide range of organisations that employ marketing teams, the industry is a very diverse one and the potential for progression is relatively good for those who can demonstrate a creative edge and the determination to succeed in a fast-paced working environment.

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