You must surely have more than one weakness?

  | James Innes

You must surely have more than one weakness?

The meaning behind the question:

I mentioned in an earlier chapter that you should be prepared for the interviewer to ask the follow-up question, “OK. That’s one weakness. You must surely have more than one weakness?”

What they’re doing with this question is trying to put you under pressure to see how you react. Most people attending an interview will have prepared one stock answer to the question, “What are your weaknesses” – which will cover talking about just one weakness. They’re not expecting to have to:

  • Think of a second weakness
  • Let alone talk about it!

Your answer:

Like many so-called ‘tough’ questions, this is only really a tough question if you haven’t prepared for it. Your answer is easy enough and should be prepared along the same lines as you will already have prepared for the Top. 10 question, “What are your weaknesses?” that we discussed in Chapter 2: The top 10 interview questions. However, you have a lot more leeway to cite an example that really isn’t a weakness at all.


I suppose everybody has more than one weakness. If I had to think of another weakness I would say it’s that I have a tendency to focus too much on detail. I can go to great lengths to get something just right – and this can of course mean that it takes me somewhat longer to complete than someone who rushes the task. However, I very much believe that if something is worth doing then it is worth doing to the very best of your ability. Also, it’s well known that cutting corners can just lead to more work in the long-term; it’s counter-productive.

Word of warning:

If you’re up against a particularly difficult interviewer then it’s always possible they will press you to give yet another example. As always, the secret is to be prepared.

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