Why have you chosen this line of work?

  | James Innes

Why have you chosen this line of work?

Alternative and related questions:

What took you into this line of work?
What do you like best about this line of work?

The meaning behind the question:

The interviewer could have asked, “Was it the right choice?” because this is what they are trying to establish – was this the right choice for you and, if so, why? As with almost every other question they’ll be looking for ways in which your answer can be applied to the requirements of the job for which you are applying.

Your answer:

Hopefully you’ve already gone a long way towards convincing the interviewer that you want this job. Now you need to convince them that this line of work really is the right one for you – in what ways are you best suited to it.

You definitely need to demonstrate enthusiasm for your work – and if you can manage to demonstrate passion then that’s even better. Above all you need to show an interest in your line of work and give sound reasons for your having embarked upon this particular career path. Avoid at all costs giving the impression that it is something you just randomly drifted into.

Try to sprinkle your explanation with specific examples of relevant skills and abilities.


Both my parents are accountants so I grew up listening to them talking about their work together – and I was always very interested in their working lives. While I considered a range of other options, I’ve always had a particular talent for mathematics and, ultimately, accountancy was evidently the best choice. I enjoy working with figures; I enjoy applying my mathematical abilities to real-world problems. I also enjoy working with others and I find it very rewarding to get to grips with a client’s precise circumstances and to then help them to find the best solutions to the financial problems they are facing. Accountancy was without doubt the right choice for me.

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