Why do you want to relocate?

  | James Innes

Why do you want to relocate?

Alternative and related questions:

For what reasons does the idea of relocation appeal to you?

The meaning behind the question:

There's nothing sneaky about this question.  The interviewer just wants to establish what your motivations are in being prepared to relocate for this job and to get some insight into your decision-making processes, i.e. they want to establish that you really have thought through this issue.

Your answer:

So why do you want to relocate?  Is it just because this job is an opportunity too good to be missed?  Is it because relocating will take you closer to certain family or friends?  Has your 'other half' perhaps had to relocate to the same destination?  Maybe it's because you have children and you want them to be closer to better schools/the countryside/the seaside.  There are many possibly reasons why you might wish to relocate.

But there's only one correct answer to this question – and that's to explain that your primary reason for relocating is because of the fantastic opportunity you feel this job represents.  You can, of course, go on to support this with other reasons if appropriate.  But your main goal is to demonstrate to the interviewer your enthusiasm for the role for which you are applying.


I principally want to locate quite simply because of the excellent opportunity I feel this role within your organisation represents.  I am very interested in the role and believe that it warrants my relocation.  In this respect alone, the benefits outweigh any possible downside.  Furthermore, my sister and her family live in Hampshire and I'd certainly like to move to be closer to them and I'd also like for my children to be closer to them too.  There are also some very good local schools.  I've given it a good deal of thought, of course, but everything points towards it being the right decision.

Word of warning:

Don't say anything which might lead them to believe that you're only relocating because you feel it's being forced on you.  Ensure you portray it as a positive decision on your part.

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