Boy For Sale!

  | Katy Wilson


Sixteen year old William Scott has come up with an innovative way of finding a new job! After finishing school in June with five GCSEs under his belt, he tried all the traditional ways of finding a job, including sending his CV to various online job sites. But when this method proved unsuccessful, he turned to social media and set about appealing directly to employers. 

William posted an advert on a local Facebook buying and selling site in North Yorkshire basically selling himself to employers for £3.30 an hour! The site has 6,000 members and William soon received a fantastic response, with many local employers asking him to get in touch with them. 

Here's what William wrote:

‘For Sale: 16-year-old male living in Thornton Dale with interests and skills in computing, video editing, web design, anything digital media or IT related. I’m also interested in the trades such as an electrician, plumber, technician, etc. I will come and work for you doing whatever you want me to do for around 37.5 hours a week (maybe more!).

All I want in return for my undivided attention is experience working in the big wide world, payment of around £3.30 per hour and a few days off here and there to go to college and study a subject related to my job (it’s called an apprenticeship, but no hassle for you, you even get about £1,200 for taking me on for a year)

If you’re a small company or even a one-man-band I could be the best £120 per week you ever spent, doing all those things you never get around to doing.

You’d be training up and passing on your valuable skills to a ‘young version of yourself’ who just needs a start - you won’t regret it.'

He finished by saying: 'There’s only one of me so get in fast - I’m hoping demand will be high.’

Whilst this direct approach might not work for everyone, William has now been offered a week long work experience placement with a local web design company, which could lead to permanent employment if all goes well! 

We love this innovative approach and wish William the very best of luck.