How to Effectively Look For a Job.

  | Herbert Wright

Find out what it is you really want to do
Some people think that a college education is all it takes to get the job of a lifetime. But, no it’s not. You’ll often see tons of college graduates jumping from one job to another, barely making any progress in their careers. That’s because they aren’t going down their own path. They probably just hear from older people how this specific course can make them earn tons of bucks after they graduate, but never really gave the career any thought.
It was only later on that they realized that they want to do something different, but end up not doing it because they think it’s already too late. Well, it isn’t! At least not for you. It’s time to discover your work passion. What do you really want to do? It’s not about who's going to hire you. Rather, it’s more about who you want to work for. Is it the food industry, marketing, business, accounting, news media? You decide.
Random guessing a job might get you a few bucks the first time, but other times will come when everything feels like a routine, and you’re just going to be tired of doing the same thing over and over again, but not when it’s your innermost passion.

Target companies
Once you figure out what it is you want to do in life, it’s time to take the next step forward: looking for companies to work for. Don’t worry. Focusing on certain companies won’t limit your career opportunities. Rather, it will only make it easier for you to get to know the kind of connections you need to land the job.

Grow your network
It’s not enough to simply introduce yourself to companies. It also helps to actually know other people that are practising the field you’re into. What better way to do this than by growing your network?
If you spend some time surfing the internet, you’ll see tons of popular sites that help to grow people’s networks. One of the most popular is LinkedIn. It lets you create your own profile, as well as connect with other users. Using this site, you’ll find other professionals that are interested in the same field as you.

Think outside the box
With the rise of the internet, information has become abundant in every corner of the planet. Almost everything has become generic. This makes it hard for people to stand out in the piles and piles of resumes that companies have to review.
With that, you might not be too surprised if you find out that you or even one of your clever friends end up in the no pile. People are often dismissed for having a resume that is so much alike as everybody else.
In today’s age, it’s important to be unique. But how exactly can you be unique? Just think outside the box. Look at how other people craft their resume but don’t imitate them. Just take a look at how people usually write their resume and find a way to present yours in a different way, in a unique way. That way, your resume will become more noticeable in the crowd.

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Herbert is a creative writer at He values the importance of family towards his craft, and travels to give his writing a fresher perspective. He is fond of hiking, biking, and engaging in extreme sports.


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