Are You Aware of These New Jobs Created by the Internet of Things?

  | Laura Buckler

The internet of things (the connectivity of various devices to the internet) has changed nearly every aspect of life. Needless to say, new technologies have also changed the way in which we work. Not only that, IoT has also created new jobs.

New technologies like IoT and cloud computing are expected to create 25 million new jobs in America alone in the years to come. What exactly are these jobs going to be? This guide will provide a quick presentation of some of the most intriguing new occupations created by the internet of things.

Data Scientist
A data scientist is a professional who gains access to information from connected devices and who analyzes this data. Once the data is interpreted, better recommendations can be made for improved organization.

The amount of data being generated by inter-connected devices is tremendous. Thus, analysts need new skills and technological savviness to make sense of all the incoming information. Forecasting based on correct analysis will benefit both businesses and their customers.

Currently, most companies don’t have the infrastructure, the skills and the strategies to implement a good data analysis approach. This is why data scientists will see an increase in demand in the future.

Data Security Experts
The increase in connectivity has also contributed to new threats that companies aren’t prepared to address.

According to a 2016 report, 64 percent of Americans gave in to ransomware during the year. Cloud computing has also contributed to brand new threats due to the big number of apps being used by companies/individuals and the unverified origin of some of those.

It’s astounding to point out that cybercrime will cost the world six trillion dollars annually in the period until 2021. Thus, the job of data security experts will become even more important than it is today.

Data security experts are responsible for identifying vulnerabilities, preventing cyber-attacks, hacking efforts and malware infections. IoT is making the jobs of such professionals more difficult because of the millions of connected devices. Targeted attacks will increase, as will data loss. A much more comprehensive approach towards data security will be required.

IoT Business Designer
Professionals in the field of IoT, from architects to writers having specialized skills, will need to be overseen by someone having the knowledge and the experience to manage such projects. The position of the IoT business designer is a new one but its importance will continue growing in the years to come.

The IoT business designer is a leader and a manager who understands innovative processes and how these could be employed by corporations. The approach is the exact opposite of hiring an IoT developer or an engineer and attempting to give them managerial skills.

IoT business designers have a clear vision for the future and they help for strategic planning in terms of project development, the use of connected devices to boost productivity and improve interactions with customers.

Innovative businesses are already coming up with their own IOT strategies. Someone who understands technology well and who is comfortable in a leadership role will be the perfect person to execute this incredibly challenging, yet vital task.

Wearable Technology Designer
As already mentioned, devices are in the heart of IoT. Today, we rely on a certain range of gadgets and smart appliances to do a number of things. In the future, devices will probably enable people to experience connectivity in a brand new way.

Smaller devices, batteries that last a longer period of time, artificial intelligence and brand new smart options will appear on the market in the years to come (smart jewellery is just one example of the scope of IoT gadgets). Designers and developers who know how to upgrade and modernize devices/wearable tech will have excellent professional opportunities in the future.

It all started with the laptop and the smartphone and look how far we’ve gone today. Needless to say, we will see new wondrous gadgets that have resulted from the efforts of the world’s most creative technical minds.

Obviously, these are just a few of the new careers that have resulted from the internet of things. The scope of possibilities, however, is much more diversified and exciting. Robot engineers, industrial and healthcare professionals, IoT cloud system engineers, big data engineers, grid modernization engineers and even e-investigators have all found professional opportunities because of the big number of interconnected gadgets that the world uses today.

The ideal IoT expert needs to have an excellent understanding of smart connectivity, engineering, data provision/analysis, artificial intelligence and software. The combination of skills is unique and many companies are currently finding it very difficult to hire professionals who know how to navigate IoT. If you are such a professional, however, you will enjoy excellent prospects to grow, do exciting things and change the world around us. In the future, automation and virtual reality will be guiding and they will potentially create many new jobs that the world hasn’t known in the past.

Author's Bio: An amazing contributor and freelance writer, Laura Buckler’s articles amaze readers. Her impactful thinking makes people succeed in life. Laura believes that anyone with motivation can prosper. Follow Laura on twitter for more info.

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