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If, at any time, for any reason whatsoever, you feel that you deserve your money back, then we will immediately refund your money in full. No questions asked.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not 100% happy, we will revise your CV until you are. Simple as that. Customer service is our top priority - always has been and always will be.

Our Reputation

As the UK's most popular CV consultancy, The CV Centre® has, over the years, featured in most of the national newspapers as well as numerous magazines and, in addition to regular participation in a variety of recruitment fairs as guest speakers, etc. we have also been the subject of a variety of television and radio broadcasts.

However, we feel that it is what our clients have to say about us that matters the most. The testimonials and customer feedback below amply demonstrate our commitment to our philosophy of 100% customer satisfaction.

"Your CV writing service is truly professional and my finished CVs were clearly outstanding. My very deepest thanks to your writers for their advice and help."
James Catterall, Auctioneer, London

"I had no idea how to write a good CV. Your CV service has prepared for me a CV that is not just 'good' - it's totally perfect!"
Sarah Stevens, Teacher, Manchester

"What a service! My new CV and covering letter have already led to my getting five interviews!"
Donald Griffin, Project Manager, Colchester

"Having seen examples of your CVs, I was expecting an outstanding CV from you. But you really have exceeded my every possible expectation!"
Janet Dunne, Sales Manager, Slough

"Very many thanks to the CV writer who created my CVs. I am absolutely delighted with the results."
Susan Farrer, Sales and Marketing Director, Edinburgh

"It's clear to me that your CV writers really know exactly what they're doing. I am pleased beyond words with the transformation they have so deftly achieved."
Jon Griffiths, Recruitment Manager, Liverpool

"Thank you for a brilliant service. I was planning to write my own CV until I saw a cover letter you had prepared for a colleague."
Brian McGee, Warehouse Manager, London

"I sent my new CV (the one you produced for me) to an employer who had previously rejected my application. They have now requested me to come for an interview; keep up the good work!"
Gareth Hobson, Call Centre Training Manager, Leicester

"Thank you for the work you did on my CV. I didn't realise it could be so good. I have only had it for one day and already I have had 5 companies on the phone. My future is looking good."
Deborah Mukherjee, Key Account Manager, Wirral

"After having my CV prepared by you, I got two interviews and was subsequently offered both jobs - Thank you!"
Ricky Woolf, Graphic Designer, Romford

"Polite staff. Prompt service. Quality of CV produced at short notice. One very happy customer!"
Jason Anderson, Chief Technical Officer, London

"I am delighted with the CV itself; the speed you produced it in; the price - all of it."
Gary Sinfield, Engineering Services Manager, Portsmouth

"My consultant was really helpful - clearly he knew exactly what he was doing. The finished CV was outstanding."
Esta Morris, Hair Stylist, London

"I'm in awe of your service. I send in a big stack of rubbish for you to wade through and I get back an outstanding finished CV - brilliant! amazing! How can you top that?"
Denise Harris, Senior Lecturer, St. Albans

"You reduce my whole life down by 2 pages to just 2 pages, i.e. reduce by 50%, but it sounds 100% better!! Incredible!"
John Bycroft, General Manager, Wokingham

"Very impressed with the way your writers added a personal touch to my CV as if it was their own."
Shelford Cupid, Electrical Supervisor, Slough

"You certainly know what to put in and, more importantly, what to leave out, as well as how to really grab a potential employer's attention."
Lisa Hale, Trainer, Birmingham

"What more can I say about your CVs, I got the job!"
Kim Swain, Sales Manager, London

"My CV could not be any more professional. All thanks to your help and the very high quality of your CV writing services."
Kim Hampson, Payroll Supervisor, Leeds

"It's superb; a really professional piece of work; thanks so much. I really should have had this done years ago!"
John Gray, Key Accounts Manager, Bradford

"Everything - service, speed, quality of my finished CVs, your range of services - was quite simply excellent."
Rozlyn Potts-Johnson, Sales Representative, Birmingham

"Just wanted to say many thanks for my CV. Fantastic. Money very well spent!"
Funmi Ahmed-Onibudo, PR/Marketing Assistant, London

"I am very pleased with the overall quality of the finished CV, especially the way the writer worded it."
Harmit Gill, Laboratory Chemist, Uxbridge

"Just to say thanks for doing my CV in time. I sent it off, had an interview and got offered the job on the spot! The CV is excellent; I'm glad I chose your company to do it. Thanks again."
Pamela Miri, Concession Manager, Los Angeles, CA

"Just wanted to comment on the positive and professional attitude of your staff. Nothing was too much trouble."
George Buchanan, Account Manager, Ilford

"I would like to thank you for your excellent service. Within 15 minutes of emailing my CV to three different companies, all three of them had invited me to interview! Brilliant!"
Jamie Claydon, Office Administrator, Hitchin

"I have just received my new CV and all I can say is that it's fantastic, probably the best money I will ever spend!"
David Brench, Retail Manager, Tonbridge

"I would like to thank you all for your help and advice regarding my CV and covering letter. I applied for a position last night and have already been asked for an interview!"
Joanna Mal, Teacher, Cheltenham

"I received my CV today and I am happy to say that I am completely satisfied with it. Many thanks for your quick and efficient service; I could never have written a CV like that in a million years."
Rachel Brown, Captain, British Army, Swindon

"Thank you so much for your professional input. It helped me get that elusive Head of Department job. I hope you can offer the same support to my friends."
Phillipa Garner, Engineer, Rutland

"I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it was to order a CV on your website and was even more surprised at the quality of the work produced. The layout is modern and the content was very professional."
Kelly Smith, Media Sales Executive, Paisley

"You have done it again and produced a wonderful CV for me."
Samantha Bryan, Mortgage Advisor, Thamesmead

"Many thanks for the CV. I have now been offered a job in a school. Thanks for all your great help in writing the CV for me. It really worked!"
Saima Ali, Teacher, Fleet

"I was singing your company praises this weekend and will be referring my sister-in-law to you. The CV worked for me as I got the dream job I wanted!"
Julie Humphries, Operations Manager, Ontario

"Thanks for your help. I now have a great job. Jolly hard work, but enjoying every minute of it."
Victor Wilson, Teacher, Aberdeen

"Thank you very much for such a professional service. I have been trying to structure my CV (unsuccessfully) for ages and The CV Centre has done it in hours. Well worth every penny!"
Yana Stocks, Sales Administrator, Mansfield

"This is the first time I have used such a service and I have found what you are providing to be invaluable. I will use your service again and will certainly recommend The CV Centre to others."
Lloyd LaRose-Jones, Probation Officer, London

"I wanted to thank you for writing a great CV. I am already shortlisted for 2 jobs within 2 weeks of active job-searching using 'your' CV. Many thanks again!"
Andreas Nordlander, Security Consultant, Sweden

"I just wanted to say a very big thanks for the CV you have prepared for me. It's brilliant. I could never have prepared anything like that. Thanks once again."
Robbie Hands, Care Assistant, Birmingham

"What a fantastic service! Thank you for the brilliant CV and for the professional advice."
Shazia Perveen, Human Resources Administrator, Germany

"Thank you for writing a professional CV in such a short space of time! I was very impressed with the quality and the service."
Neil Kelly, IT Technician, Leeds

"I have just received the CV that you prepared for me and I am delighted with it! It reads as if you understand me and my career ambitions perfectly."
Jian Wu, Office Manager, Redbridge

"I was delighted with the CV you prepared for me both because it summarised me perfectly on one page and because it really emphasised what I have to offer potential employers."
James Clark, Financial Controller, Swansea

"I was so impressed at how you condensed all my experience into a one page resume - I didn't think it was possible!!"
Ivan McIntyre, Doctor, Tyne and Wear

"I sent my new CV and covering letter off to a prospective employer and received a positive response within days. Thank you for all your help."
Nardeep Sandhu, Retail Assistant, Sydney

"The CV you wrote for me set me up for a gruelling interview but really gave me the confidence I needed to sell myself so thank you very much for your professionalism."
Nicholas Brewin, Technical Services Manager, Kent

"The CV written by you won me an interview within days so well done!"
Kerianne Barry, Operations Manager, London

"Thank you to everyone at The CV Centre for the professional CV which got me accepted for an interview within days. The rest is down to me now but at least I have taken the first step thanks to you."
Leslie Ensor-Dean, Teacher, London

"I was absolutely delighted with your service and will certainly be returning for updates in the future."
John Tang, Support Manager, Manchester

"My new CV is exactly what I was looking for - it is eye-catching, professionally worded and perfectly suited to the jobs I am applying for."
Penny Morris, Sales Office Manager, Ireland

"Just wanted to thank you for the fab CV. I have already secured a new position in less than a week! I cannot believe the difference it made in getting responses from recruiters."
John Bishop, IT Technician, Wellington

"A Curriculum Vitae that I can be proud of. So professionally written and so very powerfully presented. Thank you!"
Hannah Adamson, Administration Assistant, Bognor Regis

"The CV Centre has provided a service that is just amazingly professional. I am absolutely delighted! Thank you so much!"
Mathilda Eakin, Office Manager, Liverpool

"My new CVs arrived in the post today. They are perfect in every possible respect. Thank you for a top quality service!"
Adam Richardson-Taylor, Sales Manager, Cardiff

"The Curriculum Vitae that you prepared for me has made such a difference. At last I find myself being invited to interviews. Thank you!"
Patricia Hepworth, Architect, Exeter

"Many thanks for the great service I received. I'd like to express my appreciation and my thanks to the consultant who wrote my CV. I was offered the position on the day!"
Amanda Whittle, Programme Leader, Dublin

"Thank you so much for such a great CV and covering letter. They've been sent already - on the closing date. You saved me! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends."
Renata Daubnerova, Nanny, London

"Such is my eye for detail that I am not often pleasantly surprised by someone's written work (that sounds dreadful, but I'm sure you'll know what I mean!). Congratulations on producing a fine piece of work!"
Jennifer Wheeler, Construction Manager, Northern Ireland

"I would just like to sing your praises. I had a deadline to meet and you delivered. Once again I am extremely impressed with your services and I will definitely be using you again in the future for updates."
Natalie Shah, Counsellor, London

"I received news yesterday that I've got a job as a Systems Admin for a small firm - pretty much the ideal job for me. I have no doubt that the quality of my CV helped me to achieve this. Thank you!"
Martin Wardle, Systems Administrator, Cape Town

"The CV you wrote for me has already got me the job without my having to attend an interview. I can't thank you enough!"
Rhys Klu, Call Centre Agent, Wimbledon

"You're fantastic. Thank you so much! I can't believe you turned what I gave you into anything yet alone something that sounds so good. Once again I appreciate your work; you have been invaluable."
Robert Caradain, Import Clerk, Harrow

"I would like to thank you because my phone keeps ringing and I've already got interviews booked. You guys have been very helpful and I will spread the word around about your great service. Thank you very much!"
Nevresa Rosic, Duty Manager, Wembley

"I really appreciate the service you offered and thought you should know. I am already receiving calls... Amazing! I've had more traction with your CV than I have in the previous nine months."
Simon Hayes, Marketing Executive, London

"Just wanted to say thanks for the CV. It's great and has already begun to pay dividends. Well worth the money."
Jo Skillen, Practice Leader, Tetbury

"Wow, such a big change in the layout and the language. I should have done this on day one and not waited a few weeks."
Graeme Batsman, IT Security Specialist, London

"I thought I should let you know that the CV you prepared for me was fantastic! I am now 2.5 months into my new post and really enjoying it. It was the first that I sent the new CV to! Thanks again for a job very well done."
Ewan Cameron, Duty Manager, Buckley

"Thank you for the wonderful work your company did with my CV. I have landed myself a fantastic position with an international company with over a 30% increase in my basic salary. I am most pleased with the results; thank you!"
Lesley Carpenter, Business Centre Manager, London

"I am writing to say thank you. Since you wrote my CV, I have had many job offers and I have now secured a position within an international company just three months after graduation. Once again, thank you!"
Bernadette Ibotson, Customer Service Advisor, New Milton

"I sent out my CV which you had prepared and, within two weeks, I had been for two interviews and was offered the second job - which I have now taken. A big thank you."
Stuart Fowler, Vehicle Technician, Leyland

"Your writers are amazing and have saved me so much time and worry regarding proper development and presentation of my current CV. I feel so much more confident now about discussing the relevance of my experience and skills for my targeted job interview."
Joel P., Huntington Beach, USA

"I just wanted to thank my interview coach for what she has helped me to achieve. My three interviews have resulted in three job offers - putting me in a powerful position to negotiate the salary package I was after. And this has obviously more than paid for the cost of your service. Thanks a million!"
Janet Parkes, Sales Manager, Solihull

"I had the interview this morning and they called me at lunchtime to make me an immediate offer. I am over the moon! I so much wanted this job and your coaching service gave me a real boost."
Phil Brown, Graphic Designer, Manchester

"The interview was as tough as I expected it to be - and they really put me on the spot with some of their questions. But the mock interviews we did together last week obviously did the trick – because the job offer letter arrived today. A big thank you to my coach."
Richard Dunne, Project Manager, Cheltenham

"I have never been so confident walking into an interview room before. It made such a difference. I'm normally so nervous and find it hard to think straight. But I really breezed through the interview this time and I start the new job next month."
Rachel Griffiths, Personal Assistant, Glasgow

"Following my 30 minutes of interview coaching last week, I have been offered the job in question, largely due to the coaching I had. Almost two years ago I had my CV written by The CV Centre. 'The Interview Book' is my 'bible' - and now I have experienced your interview coaching. Almost every interview I've had over the last two years I have either been successful or come a very close second. Fantastic! I don't just like 'The Interview Book', I love it. In fact, I bought a copy for my brother who was out of work for over a year and in no time at all he had two job offers. Thank you very much."
Julie Horne, Legal Secretary, Stanford-le-Hope

"Writing a LinkedIn profile isn’t quite the same as writing a CV so I'm grateful for your fine work in turning my LinkedIn page into a saleable commodity! I'm now getting more hits on my profile and feel proud to send my LinkedIn profile along with job applications that sometimes request it."
Natalie Park, Operations Manager, Birmingham

"LinkedIn requires you to write in first person and I'm just not good at that - excuse the pun! Your team have somehow managed to show off my personality while being professional at the same time. It’s great!"
Stephen Brook, Trainer, Uxbridge

"After doing some research into the importance of LinkedIn and how you can surreptitiously work your way into a company by directly contacting hiring managers, I realised why I needed a first class profile page. It's not possible to just copy and paste your CV in and therefore I felt it better to enlist some professional help. Having had my CV done by you guys a couple of years back, there was certainly nobody better to write my LinkedIn profile than you. Fabulous job. Very many thanks."
Sheena Darner, Engineer, France

"LinkedIn is only going to get bigger which means you have to stand out on it. You made me stand out. I just got offered new work which simply HAS to be down to your writers and the information on your e-course – thank you!"
Damien Ramsdale, IT Specialist, Leeds

"I am new to the use of any kind of social networking site and found LinkedIn to be particularly daunting. However, your e-course was accessible and informative, enabling me to understand just how to maximise my profile and really get noticed online. Also, the consultant who wrote my profile really managed to capture my unique selling points so full marks there too."
Kirsty Moorhouse, Financial Controller, Preston

"Thank you very much for your services. I really am pleased with the final version of my CV and trust it will prove effective in getting me the right job. Certainly, if anybody I know ever needs this kind of service, I will let them know you are the ones to turn to."
Dariusz Spiewak, Safety Systems Technician, Poland

"Fantastic work! I am seriously impressed by both the speed of delivery and, most importantly, the quality. I read through it and it felt like you had known me personally for years! May I complement you - a really excellent service for a really fair price. I will definitely recommend you to others I know who could benefit from your expertise."
Eugene Rembor, Sales Director, London

"I must write and thank you for the wonderful and professional service I have received in updating my CV. The speed with which you returned it really impressed me. I will certainly be recommending your services to friends and colleagues who need a professional, well-presented CV. I for one cannot thank you enough for the courtesy you extended me over the telephone - most important and welcoming."
Colin Smith, Head Chef, Preston

"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the service I received from The CV Centre. I used my new CV to apply for three positions. The first was with a very well known high street tyre company, who offered me the position without interview! The second and third were with high street banks, and they have also made me offers. I can only say that this is proof enough that your CV writing services are fantastic!"
Richard Vermont, IT Manager, Glasgow

"Just to say I didn't know what to expect when I signed up and I just have to tell you that I am delighted by what you have managed to achieve with my CV. I shall certainly be signing up for more services because if this is the job you do first, the mind boggles at what else you can achieve! So many thanks. And cheap at the price!"
Adrianna Irvine, Psychotherapist, London

"I chose The CV Centre with some trepidation, never having used a CV service before. They absolutely blew me away! I hardly recognise myself and yet it's all in their wording and their presentation. I could not recommend them more highly!"
Anonymous, Amazon/Alexa Review

"Thank you very much indeed for your comprehensive and swift service! Having only placed my order this morning, with the aim of having a CV prepared in order to apply for a job before flying to the USA tomorrow morning, I can only congratulate you on a most excellent service! The CV looks incredibly professional, is well written, and I only wish I had known about your service sooner. Thank you very much! I will certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues!"
James Rowe, Key Account Manager, Altrincham

"Thank you very much for composing my two CVs for me. I'm extremely grateful for them. I like both versions and they have already assisted me in getting two interviews in the last week. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to friends or family."
George Gibbs, Senior Assessment Officer, London

"I am very impressed with your service. It is mind-blowing that it extends as far as sending out CVs to recruitment agencies. I have already had a reply from an agency describing my CV as 'impressive', and I only confirmed the CV draft a few hours ago. Congratulations - and thank you for an outstanding service."
Judd McCann, Manager, South Africa

"The CV you prepared for me has been a great success! With it I have been able to secure a directorship of a US based healthcare consultancy. I have also been offered a directorship of an international children's charity and I am currently in negotiation with these organisations to get agreement that I can work for both. This will give me a tremendous balance in my career - something I have wanted for so long. Thank you for your excellent services - I will be recommending you to everyone I know who is thinking of changing jobs plus a few who I think should!"
Julie Wright, Company Secretary, Bristol

"Having been a cop for 32 years I never needed a CV - until I retired. I looked at the options and chose you. Was it a good choice? Well, yes. You replied instantly; mail was there the next day; advice was solid and service was quick. I have dealt with over a hundred murders and every type of serious crime - I have trained thousands of police officers. Until it was summarised into my CV I never quite realised what a powerful background of experience I have to offer. I will be proud to give people my life story on two pages - they will know all they need to know about me from the CV. Thank you to all at The CV Centre."
Anonymous, Amazon/Alexa Review

"Having sent in my existing CV on 10 pages, I was absolutely delighted to receive back a clear, concise 2-page document that summarises my skills and experiences perfectly. Thank you for achieving what I thought would be impossible!"
James Condron, Administrator, Manchester

"The CV written for me by The CV Centre has obviously been prepared by someone who has an excellent understanding of my industry sector. The CV is incredibly professional looking and is tailored specifically towards my career aspirations."
Tony Crockford, Plant Operator, Portsmouth

"I was surprised and delighted to receive my finished CV from you just a few short hours after having submitted my application form. The CV and cover letter are well written and I will certainly be coming back to you when they need updating in the future."
Christopher Cooper, Personal Trainer, Oldbury

"I found the whole experience of dealing with The CV Centre to be surprisingly easy from the initial submission of my application form via your website through to the receipt of an outstanding CV via email that very day. Thank you for providing exactly the service that you promised to deliver."
Lee Perry, Customer Service Advisor, Welling

"Having heard about your service from a friend, I was dubious as to whether or not you would be able to prepare a CV for me that was unique. I am pleased to say that the finished CV exceeded all of my expectations and has already been successful in winning me an interview for the very first job I applied for."
Phil Parkes, Environmental Protection Manager, Solihull

"I had just two days to get my CV ready if I was to meet the deadline for my ideal job. The CV Centre staff obviously understood this urgency and made sure that my first draft was sent to me within hours. Thank you for going out of your way to get my finished CV back to me on time."
Robert Ward, Director, Leeds

"I am so pleased that I chose to come to you for help and advice on writing a CV. Not only did you review my existing CV and tell me exactly why it wasn't winning me any interviews but you also produced a fantastic new CV that I am sure will produce much better results for me."
Christian Wheeler, Business Analyst, London

"Thank you for my new CV. I must admit that I am very impressed and pleased. It is punchy, concise and stands out, even to me, and it's about me! Didn't recognise myself! Excellent presentation and wording, which is why you do it every day, and myself once every five years or so. Thank you for a prompt and efficient service. I am very happy with the final result."
Simon Butt, Technical Consultant, Surbiton

"Well, there is a big smile at this end as I am very happy with the end result and I am flabbergasted at the difference - and that takes a lot, believe me! With a huge thank you for the person who rewrote this CV - and how satisfying must your job be when it comes to the 'before and after' factor!"
Meia Allegranza, Senior Sales Negotiator, Bristol

"I would like to express my gratitude for having a CV prepared for me so quickly that was professionally written and sounded so good. I am already receiving information through about jobs that I may be interested in and have some interviews lined up within only a few days. I would definitely recommend your service and use you again myself in the near future."
David Leggett, Head Waiter, Gateshead

"After many failed attempts to write a CV myself to assist with a career change, I turned to The CV Centre. The resultant CV and covering letter were absolutely amazing and you helped to map my current strengths and skills to the new career I hope to attain. I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends. Thanks so much."
Samuel Black, Support Team Manager, Leeds

"Your customer service team was extremely polite and professional providing me with all the advice I needed to get my job search up and running. You clearly also have a professional team of writers who managed to produce a fantastic CV for me."
Joe Varghese, Liaison Manager, Renfrew

"I was really nervous about returning to work after the birth of my son but the advice and help I received from you all at The CV Centre really made the whole process much easier for me. I now have a professional CV that I am sure will get me the perfect job."
Janet McLaughlin, Customer Support Manager, Stalybridge

"After making the decision to leave my previous employer for personal reasons, I was rather daunted by the prospect of having to go and look for work again. But thanks to the expert writing staff at The CV Centre, I now have a CV that puts a positive slant on my decision to leave my last job and really sells my skills and experiences for me."
Peter Hayden, Quality Coach, Glasgow

"I had trouble preparing my own CV because of the patchy career history I have had for various reasons. However, your team at The CV Centre managed to explain all of this in the most attractive way possible and it now looks almost like my career history has been seamless."
David Sexton, IT Specialist, Wakefield

"Having previously worked in IT, I decided to change my career to sales and was amazed at how The CV Centre managed to pull out all the relevant skills and experiences from my existing CV and prepare a new document that makes me sound like I am already an experienced salesman!"
Adia Sahor, Sales Consultant, London

"The CV Centre had already produced a really top quality CV for me so I returned to them for help with an application form and was staggered by the results. They really picked up on how I was suited to the position and emphasised what I could offer the company."
Anonymous, Internet Review

"Having my CV and cover letter prepared for me by the professionals at The CV Centre really made my job hunting process much easier for me as you knew exactly what I needed to include and you immediately recognised the key skills I should be selling."
Daniel Walls, Business Development Manager, Waterlooville

"Thanks very much to you all for preparing my CV. It's the best I have ever had and I've just been to an interview as I send you this email. I have been booked for another interview tomorrow and yet another on Thursday. Many thanks for what you have done for me."
Ian Sudbury, CAD Design Engineer, Gosport

"I have never received more attention from potential employers than with the CV you wrote for me. The CV was done very professionally and best of all it was straight-forward and simple to read and understand - the kind of traits that most people do not get right. The final payoff is infinitely greater than the initial pay out."
Danny Teok, Economist, Leeds

"May I start by mentioning the sheer professional attitude of your team. On the few occasions I have called your office, I was always dealt with politely and efficiently, receiving first class customer service. I would never have achieved the same result with my CV; you have done it so well. Once again many thanks for your help; most warmly appreciated."
Christopher Harper, Sales Negotiator, Skipton

"I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for a truly exemplary service. I am extremely impressed with the quality and professionalism of your service (especially under the 6-hour turnaround) and I have no doubt that the CV and cover letter that you provided will help me with the job hunt process. I would (and will) definitely recommend your services to anyone that requires them and, again, thank you for all your help."
Susan Purvis, Call Analyst, Thurso

"It's been two months since I had my CV revised by your dedicated team. I am happy to let you know that since then I have had more interviews and job matches than I ever had previously. But, most important of all, is that I was offered a job. I could not have done this without your professional help. I truly thank you and your team for having made it possible for me. Initially, it was a difficult choice for me between spending money having my CV professionally prepared or sticking with my old one. If I were in the same situation today, I wouldn't spend a second determining the best course of action to take; placing my order with your company was an excellent investment. I would recommend The CV Centre to anybody struggling to make that initial impact on prospective employers. It makes a big difference. Thank you once again."
Mike Walwanda, Customer Service Officer, Edinburgh

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me to put together a good CV and also for your fantastic book, 'The Interview Book'. Since using the new CV, I suddenly started to get called for interviews with very important companies. After reading your book and using the techniques suggested, I have now got my dream job with a very large American multi-national. And it does not stop there, believe me, they were so impressed that they offered me a package much better than I had asked for. They chose my CV out of around 150 sent, and I was among 15 people interviewed from all over the world. I think the money I paid for my new CV and for your book was well worth it, to say the least. Thank you again and I would certainly recommend you to all my friends."
Toni Cobani, International Product Manager, London

"First Class service. I needed my CV quickly, and that is exactly what I got. No need for any alterations as the first draft was perfect. I am being made redundant and your service has helped remove some of the worry of the redundancy knowing that my CV is the professional document I need to get back into employment. Thank you so much. There are other CV writing companies out there, but none are as professional and friendly and have such great value for money as The CV Centre. I have passed your details onto my colleagues as there are a number of us facing redundancy. Hopefully with your expert CV writing skills we will all gain re-employment very shortly. Keep up the excellent work."
Chris Myers-Smith, Business Manager, Nottingham

"Credit where credit is due. I received my CV in the timeframe specified and I would have to say you've done a really splendid job in all respects. Within 24 hours of sending my new CV to a small number of agencies, I had three phone calls of interest! I genuinely thought that my original CV was pretty good in overall layout and content. In retrospect, it had a not inconsiderable number of inherent weaknesses, i.e. in other words, it was rubbish! Heavens knows how many applications I didn't even get an interview for because of that CV. My suggestion to all those jobseekers out there with their 'own' CV, do consider having it done professionally. I just wish I'd done it a lot sooner..."
Michael Le-Flay, Marketing Manager, Milton Keynes

"I am absolutely delighted. My CV has retained the same format for the past 10 years or so and I have added to it again and again so much that it had become far too long and complicated. My CV writer has provided me with a short and snappy CV. As well as having perfect presentation, the wording and role descriptions are fantastic. It is almost like the writer knows me and what I do. I am very happy. Thank you!"
Kajal Patel, IP Network & Security Specialist, Leeds

"As one of your enthusiastic customers, I want to express all my gratitude to you for the super job you have done in rewriting my CV from my old 'poor' one. I've got so many successful interviews after your revamp. I was not even aware how many chances I wasted for not using your service before... Feel free to publish this as I cannot recommend your services to friends and colleagues enough! The CV is outstanding the way you wrote it."
Daniele Catanesi, Linux Systems Engineer, Switzerland

"Thank you for the CV and covering letter that you updated for me. The result was unbelievable, in that once I submitted it to the recruiting websites I had a hit in 5 days. An offer of an interview from a local recruiting agency - and, after meeting with the employer, I was offered the position 6 hours later. It just goes to show how a well-written CV and covering letter 'gets you into the frame' for employment opportunities."
James Cameron, Bursar, Salisbury

"The CV that was produced for me by yourselves was actually so good that, two weeks after submitting it online, I was actually offered a job! Having been in IT distribution for nearly 20 years I desperately wanted to get out in to another sector. The CV that you produced gained a lot of attention within the market and I was approached by a Smart phone vendor who offered me my dream working role. I want to convey my sincere thanks for doing such an outstanding job on my CV and for the tips that I received in my interview coaching sessions as these all contributed to me getting my new job. After being made redundant at Christmas I was concerned about investing my meagre funds in getting a CV produced and in interview coaching - but it was well worth the investment."
Julia Corfield, Business Development Manager, Basingstoke

"Thank you very much for the CV writing service that you provided to me. Not only did it get me the Tier 1 job but it has helped me get another promotion in just two months to Lead Project Manager. Thank you very much. Couldn't have done it without The CV Centre's help!"
Danny Murphy, Lead Project Manager, Brighton

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful job your company has done. I've got the first job I applied for and even had to turn down an interview because I was snapped up off the market! You completely transformed my CV and made it easy to get a job in the banking industry where competition is fierce! Thank you so much!"
Iyad Hussein, Financial Advisor, Telford

"I would like to thank you for my CV – which was perfectly written. Before I used your company to re-write my CV, I did not get one response after numerous application sent. After posting my new CV on Monster, within one day I had a job offer. Then I was contacted by a pharmaceutical company for a job I would have never applied for. However, after the company sourced my CV, they thought I was a worthy candidate. On Monday I went for my first interview, Thursday I was invited for a second interview and, today, I have been offered the job. I have exceeded my expectations of the salary that I required by £8,000 - and been offered a more senior position as an Account Manager. I cannot thank you enough. I have been unemployed for a few months and I was getting a little anxious. I have now told so many people to take this route and use The CV Centre. The best money I have ever spent."
Lorraine Campbell, Account Manager, Radlett

Please note that these are all actual client comments submitted to us in writing and they have only been edited for spelling and grammar. The content has not been altered in any other way. We actually have hundreds of letters and emails thanking us for our work; the above is only a selection of those that we have received recently.

Our clients are delighted with our service; most come back to us when it's time to move on to their next job, and many are keen to recommend us to their colleagues, friends and family. In fact, most of our business comes through personal referrals.