Get That Job With the Right CV

Get That Job With the Right CV - Julie Gray - Book Extracts

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Get That Job With the Right CV

From Julie Gray, Senior Consultant at The CV Centre, Get that Job with the Right CV will help to teach you how to write the best possible CV to land that perfect job.

It covers everything from layout and format, through to perfecting a jargon-free writing style, avoiding common pitfalls and tailoring your CV to different jobs.  Julie’s in-depth professional advice and friendly style will guide you through every step of the CV writing process with humour and practicality and give you real confidence to effectively showcase your skills to employers.

As a professional CV writer at The CV Centre, Julie sees every single day which CVs really achieve results.  This puts her in an excellent position to help you to create a truly exceptional CV of your own.

"As one of your enthusiastic customers, I want to express all my gratitude to you for the super job you have done in rewriting my CV from my old 'poor' one. I've got so many successful interviews after your revamp. I was not even aware how many chances I wasted for not using your service before... Feel free to publish this as I cannot recommend your services to friends and colleagues enough! The CV is outstanding the way you wrote it."
Daniele Catanesi, Linux Systems Engineer, Switzerland