Pay-per-Referral Client Referral Scheme

10.1. Selected clients may be offered the opportunity to participate in our pay-per-referral client referral scheme. This section of our terms and conditions outlines the precise terms and conditions relating to this scheme and should be read in conjunction with our other terms and conditions.

10.2. Under our pay-per-referral client referral scheme we undertake to make payments to existing clients ("the referring client") in return for their involvement in introducing new clients ("the introduced client") to us.

10.3. Payments will be made by PayPal only, payable to the referring client only, and will be made within a maximum of one month following the month in which the introduced client placed their order. It should be noted that no payment will be made in cases where the introduced client has taken advantage of our money-back guarantee scheme.

10.4. Entitlement to payment is also dependent upon the introduced client having accessed our website via the precise URL link provided by us to the referring client and the introduced client having Cookies enabled/unblocked and the introduced client having subsequently either requested an information pack be sent to them and/or having placed their order directly online. This is necessary for us to confirm the identity of the referring client and verify their entitlement to payment.

10.5. Payments will not be made in any other cases.

10.6. There is no specific time limit on the scheme but we do reserve the right to withdraw the scheme without notice and to withdraw clients from the scheme at our discretion.

10.7. The amount of each individual payment will initially be as notified within the email sent to the referring client advising them of their entitlement to participate in the scheme but we reserve the right to vary this amount without notice.

10.8. There is no limit to the number of payments the referring client may receive.

10.9. In the case of any disputes relating to the scheme, the management's decision is final.