Graduands - A CV Centre Guide


A graduand is defined as a university student who has finished all of their studies but has not yet fully graduated. You will probably know by this stage what your degree result is and are just waiting for the graduation ceremony to have your degree conferred.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you should delay looking for employment until your degree has been formalised. On the contrary, this is the ideal time for you to embark immediately on a proactive job search.

The first, and arguably most important, step is to get your CV updated with the details of your degree. This new qualification can take pride of place at the top of the education section of your CV with your graduation date alongside it if you wish.

As you will be attempting to break into the job market at the same time as many of your fellow graduates, the sooner you start the job-hunting process the better. Utilise the Internet to find any specific vacancies that you wish to apply for, send speculative applications to companies that you particularly want to work for and start to network in your chosen industry sector. Let business contacts know that, although you are still awaiting your graduation ceremony, your studies are over and you are now and ready and eager to enter the workplace.

"The CV that was produced for me by yourselves was actually so good that, two weeks after submitting it online, I was actually offered a job! Having been in IT distribution for nearly 20 years I desperately wanted to get out in to another sector. The CV that you produced gained a lot of attention within the market and I was approached by a Smart phone vendor who offered me my dream working role. I want to convey my sincere thanks for doing such an outstanding job on my CV and for the tips that I received in my interview coaching sessions as these all contributed to me getting my new job. After being made redundant at Christmas I was concerned about investing my meagre funds in getting a CV produced and in interview coaching - but it was well worth the investment."
Julia Corfield, Business Development Manager, Basingstoke