How To Get That Job: Career Help & Advice

While we do of course have to charge for our CV Writing Service, we aim to provide as much free careers help and advice as possible.

We also provide a full index of our advice to job seekers.

Here we guide you through the steps of the process:

  1. Thinking About Changing Your Career
  2. Searching for a job
  3. Writing a CV
  4. Writing a LinkedIn profile
  5. Filling in an Application Form
  6. Preparing for an Interview

Making Progress in the Job


In the current employment market - where employers typically receive hundreds of responses to a job advertisement - it is essential that you submit a CV that will really get you noticed. The CV Centre® offers a wide range of services designed to achieve just that and, with our market-leading reputation and invaluable industry experience, we can help you to fulfill your career ambitions.

Please find out how The CV Centre® can help.

"Thank you for the CV and covering letter that you updated for me. The result was unbelievable, in that once I submitted it to the recruiting websites I had a hit in 5 days. An offer of an interview from a local recruiting agency - and, after meeting with the employer, I was offered the position 6 hours later. It just goes to show how a well-written CV and covering letter 'gets you into the frame' for employment opportunities."
James Cameron, Bursar, Salisbury